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Beloved Galaxy Nexus needed LCD transplant

obambrough -

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For 1 year and 7 months I successfully nailed putting the Nexus in my jean pocket but the day my car radiator sprang a leak and my car started steaming I compounded my bad luck by distractedly missing said jean pocket - the parking deck nailed the glass. Dang. I didn't fix the car radiator myself but I figured maybe I'd try the phone.

Mijn oplossing

Search Ebay for broken phones that have a working display, check.

Lose multiple auctions, check.

Win an auction, check.

Bought tools from iFixit, check.

Read iFixit manual and watch tear-down videos on youtube, check.

Take battery cover off my phone, check.

Unscrew size #0 screws, FAIL. Dang.

Even though I'd bought the size #00 screwdriver (pro version) half of those little guys were stuck in tight and I was just stripping them. Maybe it was just my weak code-typing forearms because I didn't manage to get them out but a friend of mine used my itty-bitty super-small flat-head screwdriver to get those guys out (I don't know the technical size for that screwdriver.)

After that the transplant of the internals from my phone over to the replacement phone's LCD went like clockwork. Turned it on and it was business as usual. Awesome.

Mijn advies

I had a lot of fun opening my phone up and seeing what made it tick - and it was broken anyway so I didn't have too much to lose. Instead I gained a working phone and a little knowledge. Maybe I'll try my car radiator next time.

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