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iPad fixed in 2 by 2 , YAHOO!!!

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Mijn probleem

Went on vacation with iPad, dropped it on a tile floor and, bingo, had the green pixel screen. iPad was still functional, just annoyingly so, so I was able to search online what to do and found the ifixit.com website :)

Mijn oplossing

I ordered the Metal Spudger (2) and plastic opening tools on October 28th. They arrived (2) days later on the 30th. After (2) days of mustering the courage to open the iPad, I finally did it. The step-by-step guide that I found on ifixit.com was great. After prying the front open and finding where the disconnection was, I used the Plastic Opening Tools to touch it back into place. While front was still open, I turned the iPad on to check and, voila, no more annoying green pixelated screen! Many of the metal tabs broke off while opening but the front snapped back on with little problem. My $500 iPad was fixed for less than $15 and I have tools to fix it again if needed.

Mijn advies

This was an iPad 1st generation and while the guide pictures were helpful, the inside look was slightly different. Just get in there and get to fixing it.

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