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The abused MacBook

bobrudd -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Left Clutch Hinge Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Left Clutch Hinge Replacement


Mijn probleem

Due to mishandling, the Macbook had a broken left hinge and the Inverter cable had been pulled out of it's plug at the motherboard end. It was a write off until I saw your website. Identified the correct Inverter cable and ordered the bits.

Mijn oplossing

The machine came apart and I replaced the hinge and cable, carefully checking the seating of the plugs. The backlight still does not work and I re-checked the cables on the inverter and the motherboard. We will use the machine with an external display and keyboard. It is still better than a 5 year old Dell Desk top computer. It would be uneconomical to spend any more money on it.

Mijn advies

The parts were ordered on a Friday and arrived at my home in the UK on the following Monday. Delighted with the speed of delivery. Have now got an extra bill from FedEx for import duty of eighteen UK Pounds which I did not expect. Will be wary of ordering parts not sourced in the UK.

Didn't take any photos, just got on with the job.

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MacBook Left Clutch Hinge Afbeelding
MacBook Left Clutch Hinge


MacBook Santa Rosa/Penryn Inverter Cable Afbeelding
MacBook Santa Rosa/Penryn Inverter Cable


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