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Chris Haverkate -

iPod Nano 5th Generation

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iPod Nano 5th Generation Display Replacement


Mijn probleem

The battery life had dropped to less than an hour and my once mobile device had become permanently tethered to a power source. It was time to either fix this iPod or buy a new one. The replacement battery was a cheap enough gamble, I decided it would be fun to try.

Mijn oplossing

Disassembly went pretty well until I realized I had put too much pressure on the LCD screen while removing the glass. After I had removed the inner workings from the case, I turned on the iPod and found a large dead spot in the top center of the screen. I continued to remove the battery and solder in the new one. I tested out the new battery; everything was working. So I got back onto iFixit and ordered a new screen. With the device already in pieces on my well documented magnetic project board, I was able to quickly replace the screen and put the device back together!

Mijn advies

Expect some scratches on the back of the case near the camera cover (nothing too bad). I don't think the guide mentioned it, but have a lint free cloth for cleaning the glass and screen before reassembling. It would drive me nuts if I would have closed up the iPod and then found a fingerprint on my screen!

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