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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Early last week, my wife was searching for her phone as she prepared to leave for work. I called it and it was not heard anywhere in the house. I'm not sure why, but she opened the washing machine. Sure enough! There it was with a load of towels, the LED dimly glowing. I immediately took it apart and disconnected the battery. I then put the two halves in a bowl with some moisture absorbant, covered with plastic wrap, and placed in the sun.

After about 8 hours, I connected the battery and charging cable. In a few minutes, the phone turned on. The display was cloudy, but working. The battery would not take a proper charge and ended up going dead.

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The repair was pretty easy, especially after getting the proper tools. The hardest part was prying the old battery from the adhesive. The phone immediately came to life with the new battery and the display appeared better.

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If you soak your phone, disconnect the battery and dry it as soon as possible. Also, clean all connections with isopropyl alcohol to help prevent corrosion. While the battery will probably have to be replaced, hold off on replacing the screen if it works. It takes a long time for all the moisture to get out from between the screen layers.

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