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changed the iPhone 5 battery on my own!

sardara12 -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

my phone would die at 40% here and there, and i tried doing the cycle charges to 100% nothing helped and just wanted to fix it for good (very frustrating when your phone goes dead in the middle of the day!)

Mijn oplossing

the screws are TINY, you have to be very careful, i used scotch tape to lightly lift them out of place and lightly place them back after the replacement. the screwdriver ifixit provides is sharp enough to still screw the nut in with the scotch tape on top. they are not magnetic. removing the battery from the glue was a nightmare! it is VERY hard because you do not want to break anything since everything is so tiny! i found that repeatedly lifting with the tool on the left side helped the most as it was away from the small parts. be very careful it will take time, for me it was the hardest part because in all the videos they make it seem so easy.

Mijn advies

dont get frustrated with the battery not coming off the adhesive. take a break and come back to it. and keep trying to lift the left side that is away from the rest of the phone. that is the hardest part because you don't want to break the phone. my old battery even got bent but i just kept at it! you can do it!!!!!!!

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