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IPod Nano 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

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iPod Nano 2nd Generation

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

45 minuten - 2 uren

Very difficult

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Battery not holding charge

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The repair went very well. it took me about 2.25 hours to finish this repair. The first part of the the tear down went very smoothly and only took about 15 minutes. Where it got rough was getting rid of the glue on the battery wires, I finally got a pair of tweezers and just loosened the glue around the wire instead of trying to get it all out. De- soldering the wires on the back side proved challenging as well. the bulk of the solder came off rather quickly however there was still enough remaining that I could not get the wires free. I ended up taking the screwdriver that came with the pack and inserted through the wire on the backside and applied a little pressure with my thumb. I applied the soldering iron to the joint and the wire slipped right through leaving a nice hole that just needed to cleaned up a little with a sewing pin. I removed the battery and it was easy to clean out the remaining glue with my tweezers. After that it was smooth sailing. Popped the wires through the holes and soldered in place and put it all back together. It's on the counter now charging. No smoke and it fired up so I guess it's good to go. I'll see how long the charge lasts after it finishes charging. Thanks for the guide, it was great.

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Make sure you have good light. A magnifying glass on a stand would have been a great help too. Go slow and be patient, this thing is tiny and fragile. It's easy to accidentally break something if you're in too much of a hurry.

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