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Fix went smooth, but unfortunately didn't fix it

markwatermaniac -

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

45 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

My girlfriend's X-Box 360 decided to kick the bucket a few weeks ago. Since I was busy repairing a similarly b0rked Kindle (I like to call the damage 'Brute G-Shep' :P ) I didn't get to ordering it until a week after. The XBox was giving the typical Red Ring o' Death, but the Power Supply was showing a red light as well. Hoping that it was just the Power Brick, I attempted to get a new brick from a local GameStop. Unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue, so it was off to iFixit!

Mijn oplossing

I had already gotten the majority of the case disassembled before the package arrived - I should have waited! The tools provided by iFixit would have been quicker and less frustrating, namely the Open Tool. However, everything after that was quick and simple, and after about an hour and a half (I work slowly) I had the X-box assembled. Unfortunately, the same problem occurred, leading me to believe that the board is possibly sadly fried or damaged to the point of no return. I did not attempt a reflow, if only for my fear of accidentally melting a chip off of the board.

Mijn advies

I recommend using some electrical tape to hold the backs of the Heat Sink screws. This will allow you to get the washers on and the heat sink in place. Then you can flip over the console while holding the sink tight against the screws and remove the tape one at a time, screwing each in a bit to get it to grip the heat sink.

All and all, it's sad, but if it's already broken, you can't break it any more. I guess I know what I'm getting my Girlfriend for Christmas :P

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