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The fall of the "PS3 YLOD"

ncraig31 -

PlayStation 3

Yellow Light of Death Repair

Yellow Light of Death Repair

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My story starts off from a trip to gamestop where I purchased GTA V. I came home & put the game in my "fat model" PS3. After waiting through a lenghty installing process for the game I finally was ready to GET IT ON GTA V STYLE!!..... Or so i thought..... About 15 min into the game it happened. My PS3 just suddenly blinked off & went from green light to red. I honestly had never heard of YLOD so i was totally lost & confused. So I contacted one of my best consultants(google) & did major research. It ws then when I came across the iFixit website. I noticed the iFixit PS3 kit & I was hooked.. But there was one problem.... There wasn't any left in stock. So I left my email with their "contact you when avaibile" thing. Two days later I was contacted by iFixit!! I put my order in & about 3 days later I had my fixit kit! :-)

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The repair for me went absolutely great! I followed the iFixit guide & it went perfect. There wasn't as many screws as I thought, but its still best to keeps screws in their own group. I had disassembled, removed themal paste,heated motherboard, reapplied thermal paste, & reassembled my PS3 in a little over a hour. After I reassembled my PS3, I let it sit for about 10 min plugged in.

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After the reassembly & 10 min plug in sit time it was time for the big moment. I touched the on button & bingo! Green light baby!!! My PS3 had to be reprogramed as if it was a new PS3 straight out of the box! My baby was reborn!! I highly recommend the iFixit kit oppose to sending back to Sony. It's cheaper & faster & it works! The PS4 is right around the corner to so it'll be a waste to dish out alot of repair money to sony when iFixit has the cure. This os the way to go folks! Oh yeah I aslo recommend buying a extra tube of thermal paste(artic silver 5) from Radio Shack or ur place of choice. Other than that everything you need comes with this great, high quality kit. GAME ON!!!!!!!

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