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iPhone 5 Rear Camera replacement

davidkoffman -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Rear-Facing Camera Replacement

iPhone 5 Rear-Facing Camera Replacement

45 minuten - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

My wife dropped the phone in water and immediately retrieved it, but the phone didn't work at all. Put it in Rice for 24 hours and the phone booted up and worked, however the rear camera and flash (the camera opposite the screen side) was not functioning. Vendor wanted $220 to replace the phone, so I was looking online at options and found iFixit. Great site, excellent instructions, its great you can order the part and it gives you (most) associated tools.

Mijn oplossing

The repair took about 2 hours total and the phone was really taken completely apart. There were some tricky parts in putting it back together especially with where there were multiple cables...really helped to have four hands. My wife actually did all the repair and I helped when she needed it. sheFixdit for less than $80 with all the tools and its working great!

Mijn advies

For my repair, the plastic opening tools/sprudgers broke about midway into the repair, so I would suggest getting the premium tool kit or at least the premium sprudgers. Also there were some 1.5mm flat and Phillips screws that iFixit did not recommended tools for, but luckily I had a micro screwdriver set and could get these out. The Battery was a bear to get out, and needed more force (and patience) than was indicated in the directions. After we got it out, we felt stupid because there was a plastic tab that looks like its protective covering for the logic board, but it is actually the battery lift - just pull it up (forcefully) and the battery will pop out without all the prying and fussing mentioned in the directions.

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