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Drowned My iPhone 5

gvaughn -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Rear-Facing Camera Replacement

iPhone 5 Rear-Facing Camera Replacement

45 minuten - 2 uren


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My iPhone 5 took a dive in my glass of water.

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After sending my phone into the tall glass of water I was able to bring it back to life with help from my IFIXIT liberation kit. It's light shined bright once again. A day or two later my struggling rear facing camera started flickering in and out until it finally gave up the fight. I turned once again to IFIXIT for a solution. For less than $40 for the new camera, less than a week to order and receive it, and AWESOME step by step instructions I'm back in the game of photography. The repair itself only took about an hour. It took that long because I'd review each step carefully and took my time with each step to insure I didn't harm any other parts.

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You don't realize how much you use your camera until it dies.....and don't forget the value of an instant flashlight. When the camera died so did the flashlight. Do yourself a favor and liberate your phone. I was lucky to have a boss that's a closet tech geek and had the liberation kit. It's a lifesaver to all iPhone owners. Once you open it up, you'll relize you can repair or replace components yourself with the IFIXIT step by step instructions online. Another usefull tool was the magnetic project mat that I ordered at the same time as the camera. When I liberated the wet phone, I relized how small those screws are and hard to keep track of. The mat kept everything in order as I disassembled and made it easy to reverse the process to reassemble. I called my boss a closet tech geek, but in all honesty, I'm in that closet with him. I wish someone was with us to video our celebration after our successful repair....it was a great feeling.

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