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MacBook Core 2 Duo

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MacBook Core 2 Duo Right Clutch Hinge Replacement


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I replaced the Right Clutch Hinge on my MacBook.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went GREAT! I followed the step by step guidance on your website and it worked perfectly. I set up two small tables next to my iMac so I could follow the directions from the web. I used an empty egg crate and placed the screws from each step into the egg carton and then numbered that step on the side of the depression that held the screws. That really made the difference for figuring out what went where when it was time to reassemble all the pieces. I took photos of the MacBook as I went to show how wires were laced through the mechanics of the machine. I found several broken anchors on the inside of the plastic case where the hinge was intended to attach. I repaired these with a hot glue gun and they seem to be holding out just fine a week later. All in all this was a great first experience tearing into a laptop. I would do this again with parts and manuals from ifixit without hesitation!

Mijn advies

I used the egg carton technique because that is what I used when rebuilding my motorcycle. I highly recommend it as a way to keep parts aligned with the instructional steps.

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