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Pimp My Mac Mini (mid 2011)

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Mac mini Mid 2011

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Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

2 - 4 uren


Mijn probleem

Only had a single hard drive *sigh*. I live in the UAE now and a 500 GB, 5200rpm HD just wasn't going to cut it for putting 15 years and 3 computers of photos, movies and memories in one place ( and backed up)

Mijn oplossing

The slowest weekend on the planet passed before I could pick up the package from the mail room. The work space was clear, another laptop was set up so I could follow the "ifixit guide", the scene was set. The "Mac Mini dual drive kit" was unwrapped, to find the coolest pouch with all the goodies in ! Also included the funkiest screwdriver kit.

All was going great until step #15. %#^@* No logic board tool. %#^@* I couldn't wait 3 more days to pimp my Mac mini, I noticed how the photo of the logic board removal tool resembled a coat hangar metal. So off to the wardrobe to liberate a wire coat hangar, then a quick stop to pick up the tool bag and back to the work space to fabricate a logic board removal tool. After about 10 minutes of cutting bending and re bending I had the tool, and POP, out came the logic board.

(Side Note - emailed me back straight away with the nicest email ,apologized and instantly offered a refund for the missing tool)

After that it was smooth sailing, the guide was AWESOME! My Mac Mini mid 2011 is now reassembled and running two hard drives seamlessly

Mijn advies

Take your time, the video guide shows a few extra little bits of advice that help, DON'T FORCE ANYTHING

As you pull it all apart, put the parts & screws in a line that they came out, makes life so easy when putting it all back together

If you want to start fresh new computer feel - from the app store get the latest OS X, Install it on to your new hard dive via USB or Firewire

That when when your new hard drive is installed, your Mac Mini boots and you can play straight away.

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