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Changing an iPad broken front panel: Tricky but feasible

bielpiza -

Mijn probleem

My younger daughter sat on her brand new IPad, breaking the front panel.

Mijn oplossing

The whole process took around 2 hours. The main problem were to insert the first tool behind the glass. The plastic tool is weak and easy to bend when trying to insert under the panel. I needed to use a small knife (picture 1), which had the drawback of leaving scratches (picture 2) on the plastic rim. The second problems was dealing with a broken glass (which I suppose is the main reason to change the panel): once you insert the guitar pick is not that easy to slide it under the broken glass (picture 3). Once you are into the iPad it is not difficult to detach the LCD and change the panel. It is tricky to bend the front panel ribbon cables down when you close the new frontal panel.

Mijn advies

The iOpener is fancy but impractical. Tired of traveling back and forth to the microwave oven, I decided to follow a friend's advice and I used a hair dryer with success (picture 3).

If the panel is broken, protective glasses are mandatory!!

Fortunately, the front panel I bought had new button and camera bracket attached, son I didn't had to take them off the broken panel

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