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i4phone washing machine experience

msimpson4 -

iPhone 4 Verizon

iPhone 4 Verizon Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Verizon Battery Replacement

15 - 45 minuten


Mijn probleem

My son's phone that he did not have but maybe a month. He put his clothes in the front loader washing machine. After a few minutes long enough for things to get wet, he realized his phone was in his jeans--phone with otter box. The otter box did not keep this phone from the water. They need to rename it. After retreival from the washer and removed the otter box, the phone's led light kept flashing until it finally stopped. I then put it in some rice for several days, but nothing but a blank screen. He then got another phone. I need to upgrade to a smartphone and thought I just might try to fix it myself and use it.

Mijn oplossing

Got the wrong battery to start with. Reordered put in the new battery and could see a faint icon screen. Also the white led light was back but not flashing. I followed the guide to teardown this phone, cleaned with 91% alcohol, and installed the new battery. This was over the coarse of several nights. The first time I realized that I did not get one of the connections in. Then the moment of truth.... pushed the button..just a dim blue on the display..but no led light! I figure that the display probably needs replacing, but now you can purchase a new phone for the cost of the i4 display.

Mijn advies

I would simply NOT put the phone in the washer.....BUT if you do start as soon as possible and follow the guides. It just takes some time and patience. It just might work.

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