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PlayStation 3

Yellow Light of Death Repair

Yellow Light of Death Repair

1 - 2 uren


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An original 60GB PS3 from Japan, first released ps3 so has both sentimental value as well as historical value.

Couldn't afford a new system anyway so this was a do or die situation.

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Took me much longer than the estimated 1hr (about 4hrs and as many beers) as I'm no expert but the instructions were spot on and everything went smoothly. However, as I'd already removed a disc from the Blu-ray drive by dismantling it (just in case the fix didn't work) and manually removing the disc, when I restarted the system the blu-ray drive wouldn't accept discs. It was registering as though there was already a disc in the drive but couldn't eject anything or accept any new discs. I had to dismantle the blu-ray drive again and 'force' (gently as possible) the track on the left up into an un-loaded position. Once this was done it was all good!! Thank you ifixit!!!!

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Follow the instructions, keep all your parts/screws in a chronological order as per the disassembly so that reassembly is as easy as just reversing the order. Clean all the dust out as you go. Carefull of the 'hinge-tabs' on the front of the main top cover as I broke one when removing the cover (this isn't a major issue as it still closes fine).

A few beers helps the repair along (but not too many!!) and helps clear the dust out of your throat ;)

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