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Razer Deathadder wheel malfunctioning

Alexandra Stanovska -

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I am a big fan of Deathadder mice. They are big bigger than they should be to fit my hand, but the "bulkiness" is just perfect for comfortable palm resting during longer computer activity sessions.

I have 3 of them already, two oldest are still going strong and I still use them - believe it or not, your productivity goes through the roof if you swap (cheapest possible) mouse your company provides you with some proper tool! Imagine the accuracy when you chase and click interface at your company's database! ;-) Unfortunately wheels are acting up. When you scroll up or down, it either does not register the movement or chaotically moves page up and down. Since I know more people having this exact same problem with Razer mice, it seems to be more common. And why throw 2 perfectly good mice out when there may be possibility to fix this certain problem? I asked interwebs and found some possible scenarios and solutions as to where problem lies.

Having nothing to loose, I tried this one:

Mijn oplossing

Opening was pretty easy. I carefuly removed 2 front feet, they are thicker but can deform pretty easily. It is possible to remove them and keep the glue for sticking them back. Third screw is under Razer brand sticker.

Next I separated top and bottom parts, they go away easily, no need to force them just need to find the right grip. Disconnected 2 cables, one ribbon and one for LED light. I used red marker to mark pin 1 on both cable and board, for easier assembly.

3 screws are holding circuit board with sensors and wheel. Removed those and carefully pried it from top mouse cover. As you can see, after years of use some dirt gathered inside. Compressed air, cotton buds, alcohol and tweezers took care of that. I took the wheel out and cleaned it under water. Then I used tweezers to carefully squeeze wheel sensor as described in post I found on internet.

Finally I assembled it back together, put rubber feet back and connected mouse to computer

Voila - mouse wheel is working again!

Mijn advies

3G version I have (with white lights) has fewer screws inside holding circuit boards, and ribbon cable is soldered preventing you from separating those 2 boards. But process is the same, just be more careful when cracking mouse apart.

I took pictures of oldest mouse. It's like 6 years old now, maybe first or second generation. It is 1800 DPI compared to current 3500/6400 versions and I have a feeling it is more reliable than newer ones. At least it kept going longest without any problems.

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3 opmerkingen

Had a difference kind of issue with the 2013 DA, the rubber on the scroll wheel had separated, or had become warped, so it would rotate freely without moving the wheel, highly annoying.

Just had to take it apart and apply some super glue with a toothpick under the rubber to tack it down, will see how long it lasts, probably didn't even need to take it apart to do that fix.

Street Guru - Antwoord

That ist he exact problem i am having right now with my death adder chroma i thaught it was the entire mous wheel but it is just the rubber spinnig freeley. thank you

Spirited Phoenix - Antwoord

Thanks for your post! I will have a go at taking my Death Adder apart and fixing my scroll wheel.

In my case the scroll wheel is squeaking. I think that not quite enough lubricant was added, so I am going to add some dielectric grease to the scroll wheel axle. I also read that you could use 3-in-one multi purpose oil. If I had some to use I would use less than a drop rubbed between my fingers and then rub that onto the part of the axle that is rubbing.

Jaden Stevenson - Antwoord

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