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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Replacement

Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Replacement

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We too were receiving the Disc can not be read error on our Wii that we have had for about 5 years now. I was researching how to clean the lens on a Wii when I came across several reports that stated this is more than just a simple cleaning issue. I took the plunge and ordered the new DVD drive and the Tri-Wing screwdriver. I had all the other needed tools to perform the job. Overall it took about 90 minutes; I was a bit meticulous, as well I took 10 min to plug in the partially re-assembled unit to check the DVD had power and output. It was very smooth, I buttoned things back up and re-tested the assembled unit - perfect!

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My Son was pacing about like an expectant Father, but it went as smooth as one could hope!

Side tip - since the screws are of differing sizes/lengths, I used about 7 small cups to hold the these from the various steps, and used labelled post it notes in the cups to tell me what step these screws are for. Think about, in advance, how you will keep these separated and noted for re-assembly!

Mijn advies

For the screw covers in steps #1 and 10, the spudger was a bit too thick. I used an exacto knife to start a corner, and tweezers to pull it up/off in the hopes to keep the very thin plastic sticker intact.

Steps #13 and #19 - getting the screws out was easy enough; #19 I needed to use tweezers to guide them out. Replacing them however is difficult due to the depth of the holes, I ended up slightly magnetizing the screw tip to hold the screws on the tip during re-assemebly

Step #21 - the wires are simply tucked under the the side sheathing, you can gently pull those out as in the picture to help with the disconnect, and reconnect - be sure to tuck the taped end back in!

Step #23 on - the unit I received had the rubber grommets fortunately, however the screws used in my Wii are a bit larger than a PH#00 - I used a PH#0 I believe on these.

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Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver


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