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Speaker isnt the same as the main mic?

sggallegos -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement

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I was given an iPhone 4 that you could not speak into because the main mic was not working and the quick fix was to get headphones that have a built in mic. It worked but having cables in your face or having to carry cables around was getting annoying fast! So who do i turn to to have the parts that I need to fix anything iPod/iPhone? iFixit of course!

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Because I have some tools from previous battery replacements or hard drive fixes for previous iPods, tackling an iPhone seemed a little more delicate. At worst the thought of possibly getting a brand new iPhone 5 in case I messed up the repair wasn't the end of the world, remember, I was just given a free iPhone 4! I didn't have much to lose! I got out all of my tools plus more, made sure I had time to do the repair without having to do any "honey-do's". I just went for it and followed the pictures plus read the instructions and voila, success! Granted I was a little scared when my first phone call didn't go through and tried it again and the real voila moment happened and I was able to speak into the phone as if there wasn't a problem at all! Thanks!

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So, I always come to iFixit first for repairs and trust iFixit to have the parts and get exactly what I need at reasonable prices. I just had my first moment where I didn't get the right part because the website didn't clearly describe what part I needed. To make a long story short I did not know that the dock connector has the main mic to speak into. The list of parts page does not mention "Dock Connector/Main Mic" it just lists it as "Dock Connector". Instead I went to "Speakers" cause it is a speaker and I speak into it when i used the speaker phone. I accidentally discovered the main mic was on the dock connector when 2 days after i ordered the "speakers", a friend mentioned his dock connection wasn't working on his iPhone 4 and just out of curiosity wanted to see how much the part was and low and behold I see the part that I needed to have ordered! I was kind of annoyed cause I could have ordered the right part from the parts list page if it mentioned the dock has the main mic or at the very least the speakers part mentioned that if i needed the main mic, it ain't in the speakers! So iFixit, can you do us all a huge favor and rename the dock connector as "Dock Connector/Main Mic"? Thats it, don't worry, i'll still be buying parts from you and I will continue to recommend you to anyone I know who enjoys fixing their electronics, you're still the best!


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