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Jammed PS3 Blu-Ray

paultun -

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I had been using the Pro-Tech Toolkit at work and asked my wife to purchase one for me (she agreed because I do all the household repairs anyway) so she ordered it and we carried on with life.

Because I live in Australia the shipping was going to take about 3 weeks so I didn't think anymore about it. After about a week I went and hired a Blu-Ray from the video shop to watch with the kids (the video was Real Steal - Hugh Jackman so it was a weekly rental), anyways when I got home went to stick it in the PS3 and found that my 2 year old son had already shoved 4 disks had it had jammed the drive(I knew it was him because they were all wiggles DVD's).

After a couple of days my Pro Tech Toolkit had arrived about a week before the expected date got the DVD's out and the family watched the movie all before the video was due back.

So a big Thank you to the team at iFixit the toolkit had paid for itself on the same day I received it.

Cheers Again to iFixit

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The repair was very good I had never open a console before. with the guides it was very straight forward I had no trouble fixing it the whole repair took around 30 mins.

Mijn advies

My advice would be to look up the repair guides before you start so you know what your in for. Also it's a good idea to keep components separated preferably in labelled containers.

And probably good to take photo's at each stage of repair so you have a reference to look back on.

I have done iPod and iPhone repairs at work all just using the iFixit tools and guides it's all pretty easy and straight forward just be careful and don't force anything.

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