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Fixed dent in volume button & orientation lock on iPad 2

hc4444 -

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Dented iPad 2 right between the up volume and orientation lock, couldn't use physical lower volume button because volume up was permanently pressed, and orientation lock was jammed.

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Used the main spudger in the spudger kit to pry open after using a hair dryer to ease up the adhesive. Once I noticed there were some attachments to the screen near the home button and the gsm wireless module, I didn't go further than just prying it a crack. Used the main spudger to push dent out of volume & slide lock area buy prying it against the glass - kinda risky as it could have cracked it but there was no other leverage from the way it looked.

Mijn advies

I squeezed the screen and the back together and noticed that in the course of prying it open, I made scratches in the black bezel area - I guess it's not really black glass after all, but more like black adhesive? whatever, you can see it mainly by looking at an angle. If it ever gets to be too much, I'll just replace the glass some day. Also be careful of the wire/tape by the home button, and I think there's something by the gsm wire module area (at the top center), I didn't research it too much but be on the lookout for some wire you might disconnect.

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