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Installation of second HD, almost a piece of cake!

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Mac Mini Late 2012

Installing Mac Mini Late 2012 Dual Hard Drive Kit

Installing Mac Mini Late 2012 Dual Hard Drive Kit

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Mijn probleem

I wanted to turn my Mac Mini late 2011 into a true Mac Mini Server. So following the installation of Mountain Lion Server, I also wanted to have a second 1TB hard disk on board.

Mijn oplossing

Had iFixit's website open on my iPad next to the Mac Mini, and made sure to follow their instructions precisely. Disassembling the Mac Mini was straightforward. Also lifting the various connectors (UP !) with the spudger did not create any problems. No fear for damage this way.

iFixit's screwdrivers fit tightly into the screws, so with them you can lift the screws out of the box and avoid dropping the screws into the box.

Re-Assembling the Mac Mini did not create any problems as well, except for the reinstallation of the original (first) hard drive. It's not easy to install it into the two little holes on the frontside of the box, that you can't see. You need to feel it that the hard disk is properly positioned. With the front of the house resting on the table, and dropping the first hard disk into the house, you can feel if it "locks" into the two holes in the front of the house. Make sure the distance from the hard disk to the neighbouring parts left and right is the same. Also the two harddrive cables should point to their connectors with a heart-to-heart distance of about 1 centimeter.

Upon booting the Mac mini, Mac OS X found the new hard disk and advised to format it.

Unnecessary to say, the first hard disk must be in it's original position, else their is a fair chance your Mac Mini won't boot.

Mijn advies

Make sure to study the problems others had, and compare it with iFixit's instructions. Take ample time (2 hours) for the job. Don't do it in a hurry. In particular the cowling fits very tight in the housing. At first it seemed impossible to get it out, but moving it as described in iFixit's instructions and after a few trials it worked. No need to use force.

As you will see during disassembling, the Mac Mini is very well designed by Apple. Everything fits tightly and precisely. So when during assembling you note that some part does not align exactly with it's screw holes on the housing, you can be sure it is not properly positioned. And the next part won't fit (antenna !).

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Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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