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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Pentalobe Screws Replacement

iPhone 4S Pentalobe Screws Replacement

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Daughter's eBay Refurb iPhone 4 got wet (?), then went dead. The Apple Store wouldn't swap it as it was not their Refurb. I took it apart, cleaned it with electronic cleaner per various YouTubes, and surprisingly it worked! Missing some screws along the way, however, and wanted to get some better tools for the next time.

Mijn oplossing

I ordered these parts and received them in less than a week at an APO in Germany (Priority USPS). This is record-breaking speed for us to receive something from Stateside! Most suppliers won't deal with APO's at all or only ship "standard" (??) shipping, which comes to an APO in 6-8 weeks.

Mijn advies

I Googled instructions for taking apart the iPhone and ended up following one of your overview instructions showing how to pry the display off. Unfortunately, it did not indicate, at least in that overview, that the screws holding it in place needed to be loosed and removed, so ended up breaking several corner tabs. Managed to superglue these later and it went back together OK. Might want to edit into your overview that there are screws, or in bold to look at the detailed instructions.

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