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Replacing a hard drive on an Intel iMac 17"

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iMac Intel 17"

iMac Intel 17" Hard Drive Replacement

iMac Intel 17" Hard Drive Replacement

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The iMac was not recognizing the hard drive. The hard drive I had was original to the machine

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Overall it went pretty well. The main problems I experienced had to do with the pictures on your site/repair manual not lining up with what I was seeing in my machine. For example, there was no temperature sensor on my computer's circuit boards. And, some of the "plugs"/connectors were not in the same location as you pictured or described them. One issue I have been a little concerned about is that the hard drive I took out (a Western Digital approx 260 GB drive) had a connector-point on its side. The hard drive I got from you had no such connector point. So, I left the wire connected to that junction loose. I have a feeling that connection may have something to do with regulating the temperature of the hard drive because the fan on my computer runs continuously on high. The computer does not appear to be overheating at all (in fact, it's WAY cooler than it used to be) but it is quite loud and I wonder if this will hurt it in the long run (e.g. burn out the fan, etc.). That's my only real concern after having done the repair.

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I think this site is a very valuable site! I was very thankful for its clarity and for the manual(s) you provided!

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