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Fixing a Mac for school

foundationlava -

MacBook Unibody Model A1278

MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Upper Case Replacement

MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Upper Case Replacement


Mijn probleem

My girlfriend had spilled nail polish remover on the keyboard rendering the uppercase and keyboard not exactly usable. I told her I could fix it. As soon as I got the money I ordered the parts. I was able to keep the laptop since she had gotten a new one.

Mijn oplossing

I've been in plenty of MacBooks and I know the struggle you have to go through. It took me over 2 hours only because I took breaks and sorted the screws and read the steps for the replacement and to put it back together.

I had only ran into one problem which happened to be a stripped screw on the charger. I took the Torx screwdriver and was able to loosen the screw. I recommend using the T6 Torx for those types of things.

Mijn advies

Take your time and be patient and take breaks. I am an impatient person but I know these things aren't easy. Keep organized with the screws and be tender with the spudger and cables. It is not as hard as it seems, just a bit time consuming.

Spudger Afbeelding


T6 Torx Screwdriver Afbeelding
T6 Torx Screwdriver


Phillips #0 Screwdriver Afbeelding
Phillips #0 Screwdriver


Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver Afbeelding
Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver


MacBook Unibody (A1278) Upper Case (Non-Backlit) Afbeelding
MacBook Unibody (A1278) Upper Case (Non-Backlit)


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