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A depressed home (button)

Brent Marnati -

iPhone 4S

Afbeelding van het verhaal

iPhone 4S Home Button Gasket Replacement


Mijn probleem

After replacing the broken digitizer with a new one, I noticed that although the home button worked, it was depressed below where it should be flush.

A tear down of the phone found that the glue on the old gasket I transferred was no longer holding the button in place.

I had to replace the digitizer again anyways, so I just waited until both things arrived and did both again at the same time.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went smoothly. There were no issues, and with the magnetic project mat and black spudger that came with the pro tech toolkit it was much smoother than the first two tear downs.

Hardest part was making sure that the button was installed straight to the phone (after the first repair it was crooked). I even like the look of the black button with the white digitizer.

Mijn advies

Get one of the black spudgers like that which comes with the tool kit. THe blue ones are great for prying open the case, but didn't hold up to removing the battery and subsequently the logic board connections.

The magnetic project mat: invaluable. I can't think how I've ever taken apart anything without one. The magnetic surface and dry-erase ability make it a must have for anyone working with small and/or metal parts.

iPhone 4S Home Button Gasket afbeelding
iPhone 4S Home Button Gasket


Magnetic Project Mat afbeelding
Magnetic Project Mat


Pro Tech Toolkit afbeelding
Pro Tech Toolkit


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