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Ibook Charging Once Again

Lesley -

iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz

iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz DC-In Board Replacement

iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz DC-In Board Replacement


Mijn probleem

IBook won't charge the battery; after some investigation decided it was the DC In Board connection that was loose and needed to be replaced. The excellent Guide gave us the confidence to give it a try.

Mijn oplossing

Two days of covering the dining room table with tools, parts and computer pieces, using the box that the part came in to keep all the screws together, running back and forth to the other working computer to view the guide, knocking our heads together to figure out when the case didn't want to come apart easily. Very glad the guide told us which screws went where, as we didn't mark where the little ones went, nor the longer ones. Celebrated our victory when all went back together and it worked!!!! YEAH. What a good feeling.

Mijn advies

Very glad we purchased the spudger; it helped to get the case apart easier, and not break it. Listen for those great clicks to let you know the tabs have released the case. Very glad to have a small wrench set and a small screw driver set before starting. Use good lighting, and go slow; don't force the case, as it could break. Gently wiggle and giggle the case with a friend holding the computer down.

Spudger afbeelding


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