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iPhone 4S camera LED stays on

tdwpublic -

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The camera LED was continuously on. Made an appointment with the "Genius" (quotations for sarcasm) Bar at the Knoxville,TN Apple Store. After checking in, they canceled our appointment without telling us so we waited 30 minutes to be called. Then without even looking at the iPhone (out of warranty, I was ready to pay for the repair) they declared it unrepairable and offered to sell us a replacement for $199. Told them no thanks, I'll fix it myself, "genius".

Mijn oplossing

Went perfectly, the iFixit tear down tutorial documents the procedure and is easy to follow. The camera LED was staying on, which is a common problem. It can ground out to the internal frame of the phone. I disassembled it, removed the camera and cleaned all the contacts, reassembled it and now it works fine. Took 30 minutes or so.

Mijn advies

Don't trust an Apple "genius" (quotations for sarcasm) until you research the problem and know the likely cause and solution. Walk away if what they tell you doesn't sound similar and they jump to the conclusion it's unfixable without even looking at the device.

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