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For those with a cracked screen, be ready for a long repair

Andrew Christensen -

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The iPad screen broke after being dropped and our Verizon insurance replaced it no questions asked. They didn't want the "broken" iPad back and suggested we just throw it away. We are talking about a $900 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi and CDMA that still worked fine. My friend used it for a couple months until I suggested we fix the screen.

Mijn oplossing

Since the glass was broken terribly (this version of the glass seems to "spider-web" out into thousands of pieces with cracked) the install was slightly different than the guide would suggest. Getting the screen off in one piece was impossible. Once I realized this, I just pulled off the larger pieces then heated the outer-rim and used the spludger to scrape off the shards and dust-sized glass pieces.

Since I was careful with the home button and iSight clips I don't regret not paying the extra $40 for the assembly version of this product. Although I will admit it would have saved me around 30 minutes had I gone with that version of this panel.

Total repair time: 2 hours

Mijn advies

The iOpener heated bag of rice worked ok but things got much easier when I used my Wagner heat gun. Purchased for ~$20 it made the glue much easier to remove. Just be sure to direct the heat away from iPad components and keep the setting on Low in order to not damage the batteries (which is about 755 of the iPad's bulk).

iPad 3/4 Digitizer Front Panel afbeelding
iPad 3/4 Digitizer Front Panel


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