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Track Pad Replacement

james -

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I had a cracked trackpad. On a tight budget I preferred to do the work myself. I was a bit intimidated when looking at the 20+ step process (Early 2011 Unibody, lots of steps :). But WITH THE RIGHT GUIDE AND TOOLS I was completely successful!!! I would suggest some hints to putting things back together, especially with the keyboard connection, which was a bit tricky.

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GREAT INSTRUCTIONS accomplishing a complex task with EASE.

Time- 3 hrs (taking my time to make no mistakes)

Thanks to the tools and Tutorials from it went SMOOTH as BUTTER!!!! (but with out the mess :) I took my time looking at each picture with detail. The warning were great and made me double and tripple look at some things so I didn't break anything.

I did struggle a bit putting things back together, a couple times I had to restart :) With instructions to put things back together I may not have had to struggle putting things back together.

Mijn advies

Pay close attention to the warnings they give. saved my Mac serval times.

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