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How I was able to fix my dad's iPad and earned back my spot in the will!

Jenny -


iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

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Mijn probleem

My dad was handing hid new iPad 2 to my nephew, something, possibly a green rat ran by, and the exchange was intercepted by the ground. (Also, was facetiously taken out of the will at 9 years old for giving my dad the number for hair club for men...)

Mijn oplossing

The removal of the cracked screen was more difficult than I had anticipated, what with the tiny shards flying about. But the iOpener really saved the day! I was able to loosen that industrial strength tape and get the glass off! I had bought spare wifi antennas, so was not devastated when that snapped. I had seen that coming due to the location of the crack(right over the bottom corner where it is glued in place) I was able to get everything hooked up and working (Hurrah!!) but then I noticed a hairline fracture inside the LCD. Sad... But I will have that in on Saturday!

Mijn advies

Seriously, wear protective glasses! I removed the majority of the glass to get the LCD out so it wouldn't get scratched (oh irony) and then removed the shards still glued down- little tiny sand sized glass kept pinging off my glasses! Also- patience is key and have really really good lighting!

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