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Oria -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

10 - 30 minuten


Mijn probleem

i always regularly getting a call from my brother in the east on after non but suddenly i wont get them any more i start to check of how that thing could happen?

is it because i said something wrong?

or maybe my brother mad on me?

i take my iPhone, iPad a few cookies and go out for exploring,

for a research to know why my brother phone call gone?

i started to check and with a short exploring my brother said to me that is battery gone in the middle of the day.

i was happy to know that is the problem and not something else.

i started to help and told him to go and replace the battery in a lab near is house.

after the replacement i again wont get my phone call.

i said to my self oH God! what now?!?!

i am sure that the guy in the lab put him an eBay Battery that is so bad because she is replacement.

i started to think from where i can get an good one, from a good source an original one?

and then suddenly pop ups my brain iFixit!

so i get in and order an original one and now i get my phone call!


when the battery arrived to my brothers work she scanned vi X-Rays

Cool Picture at the end....(-;

Mijn oplossing

from two of us i am the one with the knowledge of how to replace the battery.

my brother is no idea how to do that.

so i run out to my nearest postal house and send him the tools.

in all the process i was explaining to him and guide him how to do the surgery and the patient is survive.

Mijn advies

just use gloves/ESD safe stuff.

work clean and nice!

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