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The iPhone 3GS that couldn't

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iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement

iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement

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I had bought an iPhone 3GS 32 GB for around 120 dollars and knew that the model was from around the launch days... the battery died when it reached 48% and sometimes lied about the percentage left. I knew I had to buy a new battery for it so I came to iFixit because my brother-in-law has used them before. I could of bought a battery from eBay as well but iFixit seemed like a better dealer to go to for it because I knew I was getting something that would work from the start.

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It went smooth but, I don't recommend this procedure for novice users with no experience. My phone now dies at around 1% where it should and lasts me the same amount of time Apple says it should. One thing I didn't like about my order was I didn't get to select the battery APN type. I received a 616-0431 instead of the 616-0435 type I had previously. I wondered about that and if it was a downgrade... Nonetheless the battery has given new live to my iPhone 3GS so I'm happy with my order... could of done it cheaper if I had bought one on eBay but wouldn't be reassured the quality. Thanks iFixit!

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I made a grid of circles in a paper from the horizontal top (5) and bottom (3) with two on the right for the screws that locks the assembly together. I used a coke bottle cap to keep them organized inside. There are 5 plain shafts, the warranty screw is the longest, and the wifi screw is by number 6.(3G by the battery is 7) Be very careful with those two connectors as they might break your wifi reception or 3g if you put them in badly and the contacts disfunction. Also there's two tiny screws holding in the power button from the inside, make sure you don't mess with them, and clean the plastic part of the camera area before inserting the motherboard back in with a screen protector cloth.

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iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery


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