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Fixed a broken display on a Nexus 7

mzinn -

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My daughter dropped her Nexus 7 and cracked the display. It needed repair, but I couldn't find a local shop to do the work.

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Repair went exactly as described on the web site, except that my new display had no bezel, and I had to salvage the old one. This detoured me from the instructions. I had to use the Spudgers to carefully pry the old display from the bezel. This took about 30 minutes. If you do it, be careful and wear eye protection, because shards of glass may become projectiles. Be very careful with this process, the bezel can easily crack while prying off the display. Once the display was removed, I cleaned up the bezel and removed as much adhesive as possible. Since I didn't know what they used, I improvised and used Elmer's (as in glue) Permanent Double-sided tape, and trimmed it to fit the inside of the bezel. I reattached the new display, and followed the reverse order of instructions to reassemble the tablet. Total time 2 hours to repair.

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I only saved about 40 dollars, doing the repair over purchasing an new unit. Be sure your time is worth it. I didn't want to have to recover everything on my daughters unit, so to me it was worth the time to repair the cracked display.

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