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Laptop knew I ordered the ifixit Pro Tech kit

baguba81 -

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The day my ifixit Pro Tech kit showed up, my wifes webcam on her laptop quick working. I think it was waiting to go bad till I received my new repair kit. Anyways I used the screwdriver set and a couple different spudgers plus the anti static wrist band and the curved tweezers. A perfect day to receive my kit.

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The repair started by taking the repair battery out then all the screws on the back. Then the ram,then the hard drive, then the WiFi, then the CD. Then I had to turn it over to take the keyboard off by using a couple spudgers.. Then the front cover again using the spudgers. Then touchscreen was next stand again using a spudger to remove the bazel soiI could get to the webcam. Luckily I had a webcam off of my sons laptop that smashed when he crashed his bicycle. Making repairs is always easier if you have the right tools and by purchasing the ifixit Pro Tech kit you definitely have the right tools.

Thank you ifixit

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The only advice I can really give anyone is always know your limits and always make sure you have the right tools. What I mean by limits is know what you can actually do. If you are going to try to try repair anything. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, I would probably tell you not to try. Also like said above is always have the right tools. You don't want to start taking something apart and strip a screw because didn't have the right bit. One last bit of advise would be patients and take your time. I have been fixing things from my kids toys to cellphones to cars for 30 years and always remember "YOU CAN DO IT."

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