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This time, the right way

Howard Yermish -


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iOpener Instructions

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Mijn probleem

My Coworkers iPad had a cracked screen, so the first time we made a go at it, we used a hair dryer to release the adhesive. Removing the cracked glass led to shards of glass everywhere. Not graceful. The glass destroyed the WiFi antenna, so it meant that we were going to have to open the iPad again.

Mijn oplossing

The iOpener made getting the fragile glass removal go VERY smoothly. Combine that with a fresh project mat and some baller suction cups and the glass was never in danger.

Mijn advies

I'd actually like to have 2 of the iOpener bits so that I can warm both of them to release the adhesive without running back and forth to the microwave several times.

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