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SSD in my 27" Imac Late 2009

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I own a beautiful Imac Late 2009, still powerful enough to keep it a couple of years, even more I hope. I was wondering for a while if it was possible to insert an SSD, expecting a whole speedup while using it, hoping it will be useful to keep my mac and thus keeping a alot of money :D

Well, I found this website, the useful guides, and then I bought all the useful tools to help me doing it.

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The repair has been a flawless process. All went fine, except for the SSD caddy I bought on Ebay: The screw holes weren't on the good place, making me quite crazy. So I decided just to stick the whole thing together with tape. Well, it's kinda brutal, but it works.

Reassembling the whole pieces went fine. I've decided in the same time to upgrade my OS to Moutain Lion, I've previoulsy prepared a 8Gb USB stick with the new version to make a fresh install.

Mijn advies

Do not forget to find a tool to enable TRIM support, it is necessaray to maintain good performances, and apple officialy only support their own SSD. But with a such tool (mostly free) you can enable the TRIM command.

Now I'm searching for an external enclosure for my superdrive, could be useful one day or another :)

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