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iMac Hard Drive Replacement

macmike -

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My Early 2009 model iMac's Hard Drive crashed suddenly one day. At first I thought it might me something to do with the logic board. I had used a program called Carbon Copy Cloner to make a Bootable copy of my drive a month earlier. I grabbed the external clone drive and booted to it. To my surprise the iMac came up and worked fine, except for the updates that had come across since creating it.

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I ordered a 1 TB Hard Drive. Before I have had to scrounge around for the tools to do the job. While on the iFix it site to get the guide for repairing the drive a came across your Pro Tech Toolkit and Magnetic Project Mat. The whole repair with the kit and mat took approximately 1 hour. I have repaired 100's of computers in my time replacing Motherboards, Hard Drives you name it. The Toolkit and Project Mat made the repair so much easier. I didn't even have to get the wife's coffee cups out this time.

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Be sure and follow the guide close. Watch for steps that might be left out. The iFix it guys are humans like the rest of us and can leave a step out assuming we know that already. I was prying and prying trying to get my display unit out of the iMac when I saw 4 screws 2 on each side that the guide didn't mention.

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Magnetic Project Mat


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Pro Tech Toolkit


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