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Ailing iMac Needed a Transplant

allanhcohen -

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My mid-2007 iMac had been acting weird for the last few months. More and more frequently, I had been getting the spinning beach ball of death whenever I tried to do the most simple of tasks. When I got an error message while cloning my internal hard drive, I forwarded the report to the software maker to get more info. I was notified that my drive was failing and that I should backup my data and replace the drive ASAP. That's when I went to the iFixit web site and found the How to Replace a Hard Drive repair manual.

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After reading the repair manual very carefully, I began to feel confident enough to attempt the repair myself. After

my tools arrived, I purchased a new and larger capacity hard drive to transplant into my Mac. Following the instructions to the letter, I opened up the patient and removed the bad hard drive and installed the new one without a problem. I reassembled my Mac and booted from my cloned drive, formatted and restored the new drive and now my Mac runs like new! The whole process took me 45 minutes since I went slow and careful.

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Initially I was reluctant to tear into an all in one computer but after reading iFixit's repair manual, the process didn't seem quite so scary. Fixing my Mac myself, gave me such a sense of accomplishment that it was worth every bit of time and effort that I put into the repair. My advice to anyone who needs a computer repair is to check iFixit first and see what's needed to do the repair yourself. If you feel that you can do it, go for it!

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