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iPhone 3GS Greyed-Out WiFi

dzimmermann -

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Dunked in water in pocket for a moment. Had Otter case so thought maybe ok. Initially was fine, then sputtering –  (Re-setting Network would bring it back, but would kick me off shortly. Eventually nothing, now greyed-out NO WIFI always.) Decided to try Isopropyl Alocohol wipe-down of circuit board.

Also had dimmed screen issue for a while but this fixed itself. Whew.

Incidentally, coinciding with water dunk was fix update of OS. Uncertain if this was the culprit or not. Too many variables.

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No luck. Still greyed-out wifi. Uncertain of how much alcohol to use: totally drench or sparingly dab?

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The step-by-step guides were nice. Combined with vids and such from other sites, felt very comfortable going through the process. One wish: If the screwdriver were magnetized (which it wasn't), would have been much easier to get the little screws into the slots. Also was a product from retail hardware store (Do It Best) with a store right in town. Duh. But delivery came swiftly and conveniently. Thanks.

Phillips #00 Screwdriver afbeelding
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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