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Iphone 4g does not show a volume bar.

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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

25 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

I took my IPhone to an AT&T store to see if I could get it fixed. I explained the problem and they replied "No Problem". Then after a quick look into the dock connector they backed down saying it can't be repaired due to the moisture indicator was pink. They did point out that the second indicator in the Audio Jack was White. After researching this issue I found that the positioning of the moisture indicators do not truly reflect the intrusion of moisture into the internal works of the phone but do greatly reduce the responsibility of Apple to repair defective and poorly designed components. Think about this a minute... The indicators are directly exposed to the humidity around the phone where others place these indicators where it more truly reflects the chance that moisture found its way into the internal works of the device. This decision by AT&T forced me to do my own repair.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went flawless. The "Installing iPhone 4S Dock Connector" Install guide was clear and very accurate and the new docking connector was spot on. The problem was not moisture but a small piece of debris had logged in the old docking connector. I replaced the connector anyway to be sure this was indeed the problem. The Pro Tech Toolkit was much better than I expected. This is indeed worth the investment and a handy kit to have around if you do any kind of small electronic repairs.

Mijn advies

The IPhone dock connector seems to be related to several issues and the replacement is really not difficult at all. I completed the replacement in less than ten minutes and the scariest part was working with the tiny ribbon connector (as indicated in the video) for the button. Be very gentle with this ribbon cable and you will be successful for sure.

iPhone 4S Dock Connector afbeelding
iPhone 4S Dock Connector


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Pro Tech Toolkit


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