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From snail crawl to screaming eagle

martylbloom -

Mijn probleem

I recently bought an Apple MacBook Pro 13", 2.3 with 4 G memory. I didn't want to spend $400 more for the next level, 8 G, with the Apple Store. I was moving from multiple PC's to my first Mac since I loved my iPad and iPhone. But as a OS X newbie, I wanted that security of having Win 7 available. So I installed VMWare Fusion 3 to run along side OS Lion at the same time. It worked well most of the time, but often- very slowly. At times it would hang up swapping memory back and forth at a snail's pace crawling with only 2 G devoted to each OS. So I ordered 8 G of memory online from a reputable 3rd party. But the Apple store clerk (not the genius desk) said the newer MacBook Pro's aren't customer upgradeable. It would have to be done by Apple and that would cost $400 for the memory plus install services.

After reading about how other people successfully did their own upgrades and doing a search for examples, video's, guides, etc. I found iFixit. They showed me step by step how simple it was. All I need was a Phillips #00 Screwdriver and a Spudger. Neither, Fry's, Best Buy, Office Depot stocked them locally. So I ordered from iFixit. I was thinking it would arrive several days after my memory arrived from the other vendor (ordered memory upgrade 2 weeks prior). Well my iFixit order arrive the day before my memory (about 3 calendar days from order to ship).

Mijn oplossing

Now my MacBook Pro has been turned from a snail machine into a screaming eagle. Very fast delivery, great instructions, great follow up to keep me informed and to check on satisfaction. No problems. Now I've got a very fast machine, two fast operating systems & I'm One Happy Customer.

Sorry, no pictures of the repair but take my word, it looks exactly like the pictures in the instructions on iFixit.

Mijn advies

Don't be afraid to do it your self. My memory upgrade was easy and you will get great support on the repair job from iFixit, step by step.

For all those who bought the 4 G MacBook Pro: if you are only running one OS, fine. But if you are running a VM at the same time, it's a world of difference having 8 G memory. And order everything through iFixit. You will be glad you did.

Marty in Walnut Creek, CA

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