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slimchance2001 -

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A friend referred a woman to me for a screen replacement on her Motorola Atrix since I give good honest work at a way better price than the local repair shops. Never having opened an Atrix I looked for a teardown guide on iFixit (just to have a heads up on the sneaky adhesive no phones repair guy likes). I noticed them using a driver that I did not have my immediate thought, Bummer a trip to Walmart to hopefully find it, bit what did o see a link to the pro tech tool kit. I called the customer and they had no problem waiting while I ordered it.

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The delivery of my pro tech tool kit was smooth and fast never once doubted I'd be getting the run around. I opened it up and was more than astonished then when I saw it at the web site. Prying tools, spludgers, handy measuring tool, a ground bracelet (which I was even surprised they'd think to put that in where most wouldn't ), and not to mention the best driver set I've ever seen. My repair was minutes replacing the screen with ease. I've used every tool that came in the kit at least once in the 5 days I've had it. I even put all my other drivers up in my closet (wife won't let me just toss'm )

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All around great experience. I can tell the tools are very well made and wanna say keep it up guys. If your thinking of buying any iFixit tool stop thinking and just do it. I won't be buying mine anywhere else.

Thanks iFixit team!

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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