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My son dropped his iPod, landed on it's corner. Cracked the glass.

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iPod Touch 4th Generation

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

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I repaired his iPod so I wouldn't have to replace it with an iPhone! He's 11 years old and an Apple wiz kid.

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Repair went well. From set-up to clean up it took about 2:15. Had to read some sections several times to make sure I wasn't screwing it up! I did repair this outside and the wind nearly blew the tiny screws away!

Mijn advies

I've go some advice! 1) Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Repairing right before you are leaving for a baseball game is not a good idea! 2) use an index card and draw a simple diagram of the device. Punch tiny holes in the card to represent where the tiny screws will go. Remove screws one at a time and place in the card hole (s). Don't do this outside on a windy day! 3) read the advice from others 4) Replace the copper tape over top of the connector, I have a small white spot that appeared, might be because the tiny sliver of copper is not behind it. I'm not recracking it's chest, it otherwise is barely noticeable and is working fine! 5) make sure your kid has a decent case. He did, except for the tiny crack in the case corner which is where the iPod landed, apparently again. The case was $35. It held up for about 18 months. The glass was $65. Yep, do the math!

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