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Two ruined MacBooks, too many tears to count

kfrost -

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There are two things about me you should know when reading this, I have terrible luck and I have no computer experience. I got a wonderful MacBook Pro for Christmas and on my birthday in March my friend spilled water on it, destroying the hard drive. So I replaced it, and one year later I spilled soda on the new MacBook Pro right after the Geek Squad warranty had run out. I could not believe it! Two ruined 13" Mac Book Pros! So after an expensive consult, I discovered that it was just the uppercase of the second mac that needed to be replaced and it would cost a fortune to fix. So I decided to get the best of the genuis bar and take the uppercase from Mac1 and replace it on Mac2.

Mijn oplossing

I ordered the tools online, watched the video a couple of times at my office (since I no longer had a computer at home), printed out the guide and when my tools arrive I began the job. The guide combined with the video was SO helpful. I managed to entirely take apart and then reassemble not one but two Mac Books, salvage parts from Mac1 and then install them on Mac2. It took patience and a few hours but I can't believe I did it! Mac2 is operational!

Mijn advies

It helped to watch the video and then print the instructions to follow on my own time, step by step without having to pause a video. Also, I didn't have a tray for my screws so I wrote the number of the step when I removed them on a piece of paper and then put the screws on that spot.

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