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Thought the fan needed cleaning...

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My Macbook 10.4.11, began to make a humming sort of grinding noise on the left of the upper keyboard. With clips, I read I needed a Spudger to safely pry the keyboard apart to get to the fans. I ordered it and it came quickly, and I got a couple of cans of compressed Dust-off from Best Buy. Great to clean things up a bit, but the noise is still there. Further search online said perhaps it's noise from a processor. I have the Intel Duo. Another computer tech said it may be a bad ground. It's probably an engineering owie, so I hope Apple can help. I'm sure they have a history of this, just w/ reading online.

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Still in process. I left a message w/ a Mac store to get the repair folks, and didn't hear back. I'll call again. Kind of hard to use the VOIP Google phone w/ this noise in the background. Kind of like a buzz saw sometimes.

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Endure. Back up files. At one point, after getting all the tiny screws in place, the Mac didn't turn on. No 'music' to my ears.

The little plastic rectangle piece in the center, taped on, had come off, so the unit wasn't connected.(one side of the tape came up, -so what kind of tape to fix that is a good question for the future. I just made do.) I snapped it down or together w/ the spudger-not involving oils from my hands. Then the keypad didn't work right. I took it apart and tried again. Worked better, but I had to hold it down to make it work right. (A slightly magnetized screwdriver works great to pick up those tiny screws, btw. Good luck w/ large fingers...) Drats, I thought. I wrecked something. Here is the $98 an hr. Mac repair. I woke up the next morning, knowing it wasn't seated correctly. After yet another screw removal, making sure it was seated without disconnecting the center taped piece again, and feeling the fit, everything is fine...except the buzz.

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