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Let there be LIGHT!! How I Installed a backlit keyboard on my MacBook

denishawd -

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It has annoyed me since purchasing my MacBook that the Apple store promptly released the redesigned "MacBook Pro" - complete with a backlit keyboard to boot. I did sufficient research and when I found someone selling the backlit keyboard alone - I decided to just go for it already.

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The repair went AWESOME!! It works amazingly and everyone around me marvels at the fact that I did the install myself. Thanks to the handy "how-to-guide" posted on - I was able to complete the task in no time. I was a little worried in putting everything back together - but it all worked out great. I only wish I had taken pictures as I went along, so that I could share them.

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The only advice I would give is to designate yourself some time and an adequate working space because there will be screws a-plenty!! Try to group them by each guided step you take because putting the laptop back together can be a little tricky if you forget where some of the screws go (taking quick photos with your cell phone's camera may be a good idea)...wish I had thought of that while I was working on it ;-)

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