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Repairing an iphone 4

duncan -

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The home button on the iphone 4 died

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Ifixit told me how to change the home button, it was exciting watching fedex updates of the pack coming to NZ. 38 steps to replace the home button which went really well, but unfortunately I broke the digitiser cable in the process. It was great though to get in and see whats inside the phone and how its put together.

Another order, a replacement screen, sweat, tired eyes focussing on such little things and great care for the digitiser cable and almost a working phone again. No 3G though, open it up, find the antenna, push down some more and fingers crossed. Voila - its all good and I have a happy wife. It feels great to be able to do it yourself. Even with the replacement screen it cost about the same as the shop and much less than apple would have charged for just looking at it.

Thanks very much ifixit.

p.s. sorry forgot photos and my wife is using it now so I am loath to open it up again

Mijn advies

Read the instructions a few times and look out for gotchas.

I used cheap latex gloves to avoid finger oils on the connections which seemed to work.

I also had big piece of white paper with spaces drawn for all the bits so I could safely remove and replace them (don't bump the table though)

I stripped a small 1.4mm screw above the sim card holder, fortunately its not vital, but I would recommend quality tools and calm gentle removing of the screws where possible

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