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The still broken LCD

blackmoogle -

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The LCD screen on a rather new and kind of rare PSP of mine broke, or I guess cracked? I would hate to try mailing it to some company and it got lost in the mail. I wanted to see if I could fix it myself. I am rather mad this happened. I treat my psp very well, it's always in a case, and I don't ever recall dropping it....I guess these things happen.

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I did a dry run before buying the extra screen. So many screws. I had to use a extra long 00 screwdriver to get one of them out. It was going well until I actually got to the LCD...I couldn't remove it. I feel I am not anywhere near delicate enough to remove it. I felt like if I tried any harder it'd tear some wires or something and I'd break it. I am not that experienced in this part of repair. I decided while I was ahead to screw everything back in. The psp itself works fine, reads discs and everything, it's just the screen...

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I feel like there should be either more photos or a short video of how to remove these things...There probably is on youtube now that I think of it. eh. I found the compartment tray very convient in keeping screws in their place. Since I'm not sure how this break happened, I have no advice on how to avoid it.

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