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Cracked Droid Screen

Harold Urquiola -

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Mijn probleem

I took a spill down some concrete stairs with my original Droid in hand. Half way down the stairs I ended up letting go of the Droid. After hitting the ground my Droid ended up 10 feet away from me with a cracked screen! Bummer!!! After seeing the screen cracked like that I knew I was gonna be doing a little DIY fixing. I just needed the tools for it and knew iFixit had them along with the steps on how to.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went smoothly. I followed the steps on iFixit carefully. I'm glad I brought the Home Tech Toolkit very inexpensive and had just the tools and screw driver set I needed to get the job done. Repair took some time but glad I did it and now have repaired the screen on my Droid.

P.s. The new digitizer screen only cost me $17 online plus the cost of the tools from iFixit.

Mijn advies

Get the tools and take your time... patience pays off when fixing certain things. Don't try to rush through it!

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